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International conference


Radenci/Slovenia, May 15-17, 2024




The international conference Technical and Field Related Problems of Traditional and Electronic Archiving hosts professionals from the fields of archival science, records management and those active and working in these fields who wish to be up to date. The conference brings novelties in the field of theoretical and practical bases of archival science and records management, professional procedures, research, standards, guidelines, best practices, projects and programmes. 

The organizer, Regional Archives Maribor, is kindly inviting archivists, professionals in the field of records management and other related disciplines to participate with presentations of papers discussing topics, listed below.

The topic covers all archival professional procedures: from managing records at creators and their transfer to the competent archives, processing of archival records in the archives and distribution and use of archival records by the users. Nowadays, we have to be fully acquainted with all these procedures in the traditional, “paper”, as in electronic environment.

Impact of climate change on the preservation of cultural heritage:

  • preventive actions against natural disasters (disaster prevention plans),
  • initial response measures in case of natural disasters (action plans),
  • experiences and practices.

Impacts of digitalization and globalization on the operation of archives:

  • acquisition, processing, and access to electronic archival records,
  • permanent preservation of electronic records,
  • artificial intelligence in archives and archival records,
  • popularization of archives (archives on social media, online activities),
  • educational activities.

 Access to Archives: 

  • archival databases,
  • archival search engines,
  • access to archives for people with disabilities,
  • protection of personal data.

Archival records as a memory for the future and legal guarantee:

  • archival records as cultural heritage,
  • archival records as sources for history and other sciences,
  • archives as guarantees for the protection of legal rights,
  • description methods and publication of archives and sources,
  • problems of permanent storage of paper and electronic archives.

All above-mentioned themes can be linked to the following sub-themes: 


  • E-archives
  • E-government, E-education, E-healthcare


  • Preparation of archives (description, standards)
  • Digitalization procedures
  • Access to archives and its use
  • Presentation of digitalization projects


  • information system security
  • Security, privacy and trust in mobile systems
  • Communication, application and services security
  • Cyber security
  • Protection of personal data


  • Acquiring archives and cooperation with creators
  • Selection and disposal of records
  • Appraisal of creators
  • Managing records and archives using outsourcing (process, experiences)
  • Management of records and archives (creators’ experiences)
  • Filling plans
  • Preservation of archives at creators


  • Procedure of archives’ acquisition and cooperation with archival institutions
  • Problems of selecting and disposing of current records
  • Appraisal of creators
  • Filling plans
  • Arranging records and archives – outsourcing
  • Managing records and archives at creators
  • Internal rules connected to documentation management
  • Preservation of records


  • Archival repositories
  • Damage on archives due to inappropriate storage conditions
  • Conservation and restoration of archives


When applying, please use the following  


A book of abstracts in Slovene and English will be published for the conference; full articles will be published in the Moderna arhivistika (Modern Archival Science) journal.

The editorial board will inform you about its decision after all applications are received. If chosen, you will then also receive further instructions on the form of the article. All presentations at the conference will be in Slovene or English language.

Please submit your application by January 20, 2024.

Additional information: nina.gostencnik@pokarh-mb.si.   

Moderna arhivistika Journal

Full articles will be published in the Moderna arhivistika (Modern Archival Science) journal.

Journal began with publication in 2018 and continues the tradition of publishing peer-reviewed scientific and professional articles from the fields of archival science, documentology, records management and other sciences, connected to the problems of records and archival documents in archives, museums, libraries and galleries. Novelties from the field of theoretical bases of archival science and documentology, professional processes, research, standards, guidelines, best practices, projects and programmes are presented.

All articles are peer reviewed and, according to the review, published as original scientific articles, review either articles, short scientific articles or professional articles. Articles are published in Slovene or English language.  

Moderna arhivistika journal has been accepted into the Scopus database in 2021.

Due to the peer review procedure, full articles will have to be submitted to the editorial board by April 1, 2024.

You will receive guidelines for preparing the article when the title is accepted.