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Letter #6: September 6, 1914; Trenčianske Teplice (Slovakia)

On the train to the unknown... Žiga and his colleagues are being transported somewhere to the East front.

Dear wife!

I wrote you a letter in the morning, but I don't know if you'll get it. I received your postcard, but not a closed letter. After 24 hours of travelling we arrived to Trenčianske Teplice at noon. We'll have lunch here and then move on.

Don't write until I send you an address. I won't receive your letters. Staying yours faithful husband, Žiga.

They just brought 2000 Russians; I have seen a Russian soldier.


September 7, 1914

Dear wife!

I wish my letter finds you in good health. I'm still well, thank God, but we have been on a train for 48 hours. Today we still might not arrive to our location, but we have left our homeland yesterday already. I sent two postcard yesterday, but I don't know if you'll receive them. I will not write often until I know a sure address. Then you can also write. I might happen that I won't have time to write. I have no news other than there are thousands of Russian prisoners being taken in the opposite direction. I can't write about other things. When I come home, I'll tell you.

Kisses, Žiga.


September, 1914

Dear wife!

I wish my letter finds you in good health. We are almost at our destination. I still don't know the address. If I have time, I'll write as soon as I know. But if there is no time, don't be sad. Even here, God might help me.

Godbye, Ž. Janko.

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