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International conference in Radenci

International conference


Radenci/Slovenia, May 24-26, 2023

Under the honorary patronage of the International Council on Archives

The international conference Technical and Field Related Problems of Traditional and Electronic Archiving hosts professionals from the fields of archival science, records management and those active and working in these fields who wish to be up to date. The conference brings novelties in the field of theoretical and practical bases of archival science and records management, professional procedures, research, standards, guidelines, best practices, projects and programmes. 

The key topic of the conference is


Application deadline: May, 14, 2023

Please send your application to: mojca.kosi@pokarh-mb.si.

Hotel accommodation needs to be reserved at the hotel by April 24, 2023, when the capacities for the event are reserved. Please contact Hotel Radin directly.

First day of the conference

We will listen to lectures that discuss modern approaches to using archival records, researching primary sources, and presenting archives in a different way than usual. Specifically, we will learn more about:

  • the preparation and implementation of projects that represent important milestones in our region: 
    • the Slovenian electronic archives, 
    • the architect Saša Dev exhibition (UGM and PAM), 
    • the cataloguing of private archival material in the Primož Premzl collection, 
    • the digitization of incunabula in the Incunabula Slovenica project and
    • the use of church registers online.
  • innovations in the field of digital preservation.

In the afternoon, we will talk about the procedures for working with film archives, and colleagues from the companies Mikrografija d.o.o. and Trevis d.o.o. will present the latest trends in electronic and traditional preservation of archival records.

This year's evening program will be dedicated to film. In cooperation with the Archives of Bosnia and Herzegovina, we will present an exhibition on film creativity in the 20th century in Bosnia and Herzegovina. In collaboration with the Archives of the Republic of Slovenia and the Slovenian Film Center, we will watch a digitally restored version of the film Vesna.

Second day of the conference

As always, we have dedicated this day to in-depth professional topics in the section for archival professionals, where there will also be a practical workshop on describing archival records accorfing to RiC, led by Zdenka Semlič Rajh, Ph. D., a member of the Professional Commission for Inventorying at the International Council on Archives.

In the section for creators of archival records, Tatjana Hajtnik, Ph. D. and Boris Domajnko, M. Sc. will present additional technical instructions in practice.

In the afternoon, we will clear our minds and continue our professional debates on a visit to Goričko, where we will get to know the natural and cultural landmarks of the Grad municipality.

Third day of the conference 

The third day of the conferencewill cover topics related to the challenges of archiving material from information systems in the public sector, notaries as creators of archival material, the challenges of transferring digital school documentation, and the proper arrangement and archiving of documentation in human resources departments. It is hoped that the conference will provide valuable insights and practical solutions to the challenges faced by archivists and those who create archival material.

Participation fee

The Participation fee includes the book of abstracts, lunch and social programme on Wednesday, dinner on Thursday, coffee, non-alcoholic beverages and the costs of the professional excursion.

              - 380 € for three days (inc. VAT),

              - 180 € for one day (inc. VAT).

Please send your application to: mojca.kosi@pokarh-mb.si.

Submission deadline: May 14, 2023

You can arrange your accomodation in Hotel Radin Radenci. We have booked rooms, which will be held until April 24, 2023. After this date, we cannot guarantee rooms in the hotel.

Book of Abstracts

During the conference, a book of abstracts will be published containing summaries of all the lectures in Slovenian and English languages, as well as the conference program. Each conference participant will receive a copy of the book of abstracts upon registration.

Moderna arhivistika review

The topics discussed at the conference will be published as scientific and professional articles in the journal of archival theory and practice Moderna arhivistika.

Additional information: 

Mojca KOSI
tel.: +386 (0)2 228 50 22
e-pošta: mojca.kosi@pokarh-mb.si

tel: +386 (0)2 228 50 19
e-pošta: mojca.horvat@pokarh-mb.si

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